About us




H&H is known for excellent service standards and top-quality products. We offer a unique buying
experience by paying close attention to each customer’s individual interests and needs. Our service team
consists of highly experienced powersports professionals and enthusiasts who share our customers’
passion for two and four wheels.

When you think of H&H, experience is at the forefront. Our mechanics and machinists span decades of experience. We live and breath what we do. At the end of the workday, you’ll probably see the lights on in the evening at H&H working on a project of their own. And that is how we treat your equipment, as if it was our own.

From James the owner, “the top of my business model, customers first. H&H takes every service ticket seriously, whether in our powersports, engine machining or powder coating verticals. Customers want to work with people they know and trust and that’s what you’ll get at H&H.

Transparency follows trust. People don’t want the “run around”, they want to be communicated with, cutting to the chase. Our goal at H&H is to “over-communicate” to ensure all parties involved are on the same page. When you arrive at H&H, you’re not going to be talking across a desk with a “service manager” who babysits a phone all day. You will be talking one-on-one with a Master Mechanic or Machinist who is in the trenches.


Together, we will get to the bottom of whatever problem you’re trying to solve!

Mike Hawley

Eaton, Ohio

Mike, our Lead Mechanic, has over 20 years of powersports service experience. He and his father (Hawley and Hawley) established our business over 16 years ago and have built a significant customer base. Mike leads our service vertical, specializing in Harley-Davidson and other American-made motorcycles. With his expertise and experience, Mike ensures our customers receive top-notch service.

Bill Moore

Eaton, Ohio

Heads up the shop with 47 years’ experience, having run 2 other shops over his successful career.

Sean Formeck

Richmond, Indiana

Worked as an apprentice under Bill for more than 5 years.